On June 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, Baldman Games will be hosting events at the 2024 Origins Game Fair where we will be located in the Hyatt ballroom on the south side of the convention center.

Events at Origins

Dungeons & Dragons

  • Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons; Want to learn to play D&D? New, returning after some time off, or introducing others to the game, this is your event. Play in our 90-minute learn to play adventure, legal for D&D Adventurers League play. From here continue to our two or four hour games for an entire weekend of fun and excitement.
  • Our Intro modules, 2 hour D&D Adventurers League adventures for characters level 1 to 4, set in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
    • BMG-INT-01 – The House That Magic Built; No parents. No home. No idea what to do next. As a young woman prepares to search through the estate her late aunt left behind, what treasures will she uncover and what dangers will surround them.
    • BMG-INT-02 – Learning to Stand on an Arc; The Gentlebreeze Cirlce has denied several promising druidic recruits recently, but Newton Brightdepth is far more prepared and surely wants it more. Will the teen meet the moment or fail spectacularly?
    • BMG-INT-03 – Key to Destiny; Destin has spent much of his life caring for his sick mother. But as their fortunes dwindle, a chance discovery shows him a family secret that will change his path forever. Can you help set him on his way before those secrets swallow him?
    • BMG-INT-04 – Burning Ambition; A hot-blooded street urchin has heard rumors of a place where she can learn even more ways to get ahead in life. But first she has to escape the choices she’s made along the way. Will you help her or condemn her though for her actions.
  • Dreams of the Red Wizards – Kindred Spirits; 4 hour Adventurers League adventures for characters level 5 to 10, set in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
    • DRW-KSEP-01 The Siege of Mulsantir; Mulsantir is under attack! Defend the city against Rashemen’s mortal enemies, the Red Wizards of Thay. A D&D Adventures League Epic event where multiple tables work together.
    • DRW-KS-01 The Thief of Thay; The thief who stole an artifact from Thay was last seen in Mulsantir. Rumor has it that the theft caused a siege against the city. The party is tasked to investigate the rumor, but they’re not the only ones interested in this. 
    • DRW-KS-02 Duty and Honor; The Iron Lord of Rashemen has declared a bounty on the thief who stole a powerful artifact from the Red Wizards of Thay. A chieftain’s son sets off to track the thief and prove himself. But he has been gone for too long, and his father offers a handsome reward.
  • The D&D Experience, 1 ticket, 4 play sessions during the weekend, same DM.
    Premiering at Origins is our brand new Moonshae Isles – Promise of Blossoms storyline and it is only available in this experience.

Avalon Hill Board games

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill 3E; The House on the Hill still sits abandoned, and fearless group of explorers has been drawn to the house to discover its dark secrets. Immerse yourself in the narrative gameplay as you take on the role of one of those explorers.
  • Betrayal – Deck of Lost Souls; Many lost souls have been lured by the secrets hidden within the House on the Hill. Now an ancient relic—a cursed deck of cards—from the darkest reaches of the attic has entrapped you as well! In the Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls standalone game, a player and their fellow explorers must race to defeat the many horrors lurking within the deck.
  • Heroquest; The new edition of Heroquest. A fantasy dungeon crawler in which players must work together to battle terrifying monsters and complete epic quests Still a classic!
  • Risk Strike; Fast and fierce world domination! Get off the board and right into the action with this Risk Strike cards and dice game, a fresh twist on the Risk board game! Gameplay is simple, but highly strategic.

You can find an overview of our events in the Origins Event listings here.

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