Welcome to the Home Game in the Cloud (HGitC) application form.

The Home Game in the Cloud program is meant for longer storylines and campaigns, at least 6 sessions in length. For shorter experiences, we recommend the Red Carpet program. HGitC supports ALL TTRPGs, not just D&D.

Applications are open to any DM Red Shirt or higher. If you’re a Grey Shirt who has run one or more show for us, please reach out to an admin, you may already be a Red Shirt

This form is meant for games that are already organized and set to fire. If you have a game idea, but haven’t organized players or a schedule yet, please organize those first, either using your own resources or the “home-game-planning” forum on the BMG Community Server.

DMs get a flat 75% cut of ticket gross sales – default ticket price is set at $5/hr + $5 (e.g. $10 for a 1 hour session, $15 for a 2 hour session, etc). DMs may opt to charge more, but cannot charge less.

All games MUST comply with BMG community standards and must include use of safety tools.

Filling out an application below is not a guarantee your experience will be approved. Games are vetted based primarily on expected success.