Winter Fantasy 2020 Updates and DM Registration

Evening fans of D&D, dice, rolling said dice, snow, cold, more D&D, old friends, new friends, great times, more D&D, and going home exhausted and smiling from ear to ear.

Winter Fantasy 2020 is 3 months away and things are moving at a furious pace behind the scenes. So furiously then when the Baldman goes to bed his shorter half usually rolls her eyes and says “you’re an idiot – go to bed”. We have updated the Events page, registration, show hours, and DM Registration pages. That’s right. It is October and DM Registration of Winter Fantasy is already open.

So take a look at the great stuff we already have up on our EVENTS page and stay tuned for the exciting reveals of even more cool stuff in the near future.

You want to register as a DM or HQ? DO IT!!!!!!!!!

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Premiere Hints and Epic Teases

Look what was just announced. Guess what we will have a ton of at Winter Fantasy in February including premieres and an epic? Oh ya baby!!!!!

-The Baldman

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Secret Gaming and Winter Fantasy 2020 News

The Baldman crew is always working on tons of projects throughout the year (Have I mentioned lately that Gen Con never ends? Never ever . . ever .. . ever. . ).
This week we put together a secret gaming session in the deep south for the D&D Beyond team retreat that is going on right now. The entire D&D Beyond team will be visiting Avernus and ten of our best DM’s, some costumed characters, and Mirt himself will be there for the fun. We hope to have some pictures to share soon.

On a slightly related, and a lot colder then secret deep south retreat, Winter Fantasy will be happening in wonderful money hating Fort Wayne, IN on Feb 5th to 9th next year. We will have our schedule start to go up in October/November with registration opening around Thanksgiving (+/- a week)...

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Winter Fantasy 43 (2019) is now live!!!

Winter Fantasy 43 (2019) is now live, have at it!!!

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Winter Fantasy 2019 Registration Date Announced

Evening fans of D&D, snow, good friends, and more D&D,

Registraion for Winter Fantasy 43 (2019) will open on December 2nd between 6pm and 9pm EST. At some random point in that time frame we will flip the switch and you all can have at it. Once we flip the switch we will also announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Tickets for our big events will sell out extremely fast. We do this random start time as it reducdes the initial load on our server of 200+ people sitting there hitting ‘F5’ over and over again until it crashes.

Some helpful hints:

  1. You can buy a max of 2 tickets in the system to any new DDAO, Epic, or D&D eXPerience events at a time. This is to enable as many different people as possible to get a ticket to one of these high demand events. One person cannot buy the entire table.
  2. If ...
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Event Grid Updated and Posted

The topic says it all, mostly. We have updates our event grid as well as posted a full layout of all the events at the show so far, their details know to date, prices, and when they are actually running. So you can start putting together your dream schedule of events. Registration will be going live before the end of November. We will post at least 3 days prior to it going live on the website and our Facebook groups with more details.

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Hotel Block is now open!!!!

Winter Fantasy 43 has locked in a great rate this year. We are back in the Courtyard Marriott by popular demand from you. We’ve worked our mojo for the cheapest show rates. A mere $108 a night for up to 4 people in a room. I think that might be an arm, leg, and part of a hip cheaper then Indianapolis summer rates. We’ve also negotiated the parking down to $4.00 a night (the website says $8 but the front desk will change it to $4.00).

The Convention rate is from Wednesday (Feb 6th) through Monday (Feb 11th). Last year we filled up over 400 nights worth of rooms in this hotel so book early. The hotel is connected to the convention center so you don’t even have to step foot outside to start your gaming goodness each morning.

PLEASE!!! If possible use this hotel...

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Winter (Fantasy) 2019 is Coming!!!!!!

With leaves falling off trees and everyone’s thinking of scary costumes, handing out candy (or keeping it), and a belly full of turkey in the near future, but you don’t need us to tell you that winter is just around the corner. All is not lost, however, as with winter comes Winter Fantasy! This year’s show runs from February 6th-10th, 2019 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Registration opens in mid-November, so keep an eye on your inbox for your opportunity to be first in line to register!

We have given the website a fresh new count of paint (okay it is still Winter looking – we are what we are) but TONS of updates.

Hotel Block – Will be live soon and the Hotel Page has been updated. As always please try and book in the block if you can as it really helps us out.

Show Hours – Winter Fantasy is...

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