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Winter Fantasy 2015 February 5th-8th

Grand Wayne Center - Fort Wayne, IN


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Leaves are turning and falling. The skies are gray and the rain will soon change to snow. It's another fall slowly changing into winter in the Midwest. The big summer shows are a distant memory and it seems forever before the sun will return. So what's a gamer to do? Laugh at the weather and head to Winter Fantasy 39 that's what!!

Winter Fantasy is the Midwests premiere winter convention for D&D goodness and more. We celebrate the 39th year of the show in 2015 and hope you can join us. This year we're expanding back to our roots and brining all kinds of new goodness to the show. Check out the new items below and the website. We cannot wait to see you there!!!!

Winter Fantasy XXXIX Updates!!!

1/10/2015: It never ends!!! The emails and events just keep coming. Thankfully I don't sleep much.

D&D Adventures League Magic Item Trading Post: Fai Chen’s Fantastical Fair has made its way to Phlan, and rumors abound of the wonders he has for trade in his mysterious cart! Bring your unwanted certified items to him, and trade for another item, or just ask him for some of the latest gossip. A special activity debuting at Winter Fantasy! Slot 3, 6, 7, 9, and 10 (and various other random times).

Living Arcanis We are exicited to announce our show premiere: Pride Goeth Before a Fall as well as three other newer LA events. The events page has been updated with all these new events.

Witch Hunter We now have 4 slots of Witch Hunter Open Play. Our judge has brought the entire WH library with him for your enjoyment. So start from the beginning with new friends or pickup the one you are missing.

Red Aegis: will be at the show. The events are in the system and will be run by no other than Matt James (one of the writers of this exciting new game.

NeoExodus Legacies: JP will be onsite and running a few slots of two new NEL adventures.

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The Demon Lord is Coming to Winter Fantasy!!!!!

11/07/2014: The Demon Lord himself, Rob Schwalb, is coming to Winter Fantasy and bringing his horde of minions with him. Come join Rob and his excellent judges for a sneak peek at his upcoming new game, Shadow of the Demon Lord. Join him for a game, seminars, a beer, or all three. Get a peak at this exciting new game before the Kickstarter next Spring. All your friends will be jealous. Honest!!!

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Winter Fantasy XXXIX Good Stuff Announced!!!

11/07/2014: How good of stuff? Why the best of course. We've been working hard since Gen Con and PAX Prime wrapped up and now it is time to start sharing all the good stuff with you.
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Judge registration will be starting in a few weeks and player event registration around Thanksgiving. Updates will go out via this website, our Facebook page, Twitter, and the email list before it happens. Cannot wait to see you all there!!!