Winter Fantasy is Moving!!!! (websites)

Morning fans of D&D (or afternoon for Krishna).

We have completed our migration to a new website and registration system over at TableTop Events (TTE). You will have a much greater control over your schedule, making changes, and an actual real cart system.

The Link –

Some notes

1 – TTE has a fee that is added on per checkout but on the flip side it has a cart that holds your tickets until you checkout once at the end. So save yourself money – checkout once and not 14 times like the old system.

2 – Registration will open this Saturday at 6PM EDT.

3 – I believe you need a badge to purchase tickets (DM’s will have one shortly). Take care of that ahead of time and save yourself a headache.

4 – You can buy tickets for yourself and one other. This allows more people to get tickets to limited events instead of one person just buying up the entire table.

5 – All events should be loaded into the system for viewing by end of today.

I am getting excited!!!! You should to. Make sure to snag your room as the rooming block closes soon and the prices will go up.