Winter is Coming!!!! (again)

The wind has a chill as it blow leaves down the street. Flakes can be seen floating on the breeze as ice forms on your windshield in the frosty morning.

Winter Fantasy is almost upon us. The cold signals us to come home to the show we love the most. Games, fun, more games, old friends, new friends, and games!!!! It is all waiting for you this February 2nd to the 6th in the town that hates money – Fort Wayne, IN.

We’re in the process of moving registration to a new platform so we need a few more weeks to get registration open. While you wait check out the events pages for some info on what we will have at the show (9 new adventures and 3 new epics across 3 new campaigns) – get your hotel room booked in the block – and start plotting how much fun you are going to have.

Winter is Coming – It’s time to come home.