Winter Fantasy Registration Goes Live Dec 4th

Hey excited fans of Winter Fantasy. We have a date and time. Registration for Winter Fantasy 44 will go live on Dec 4th between 7-9pm EST. This random start time keeps those wanting tickets from spamming the system right at start time causing crashes and errors.

We have also updated the Registration page with this information as well as activated the link that allows you to see the registration system as events are loaded and create an account if needed in the system to speed up your frenzied ticket buying on Wednesday.

We have also update the events for the special charity events being run by Mike Mearls from Wizards of the Coast. The costs are as following.

The D&D eXPerience w/ Mike Mearls – Tier 3 – MOON 14 Trilogy and Special Event (4 slots – 16 hours) – $500 – limited to 6 players

Author Only w/ Mike Mearls – Tier 3 (1 slot – 4 hours) – $100 – limited to 6 players

Create a Subclass with Mike Mearls – Unique Extra Life Event (2 hours) – $1000 – limited to 2 players – Spend two hours creating a custom subclass with D&D creative director Mike Mearls. We’ll spend this time going over the subclass of your dreams and transforming it into a playable character option that will be fully Adventurers League legal. You’ll receive the final text for your review after the show, along with a certificate allowing you to use it in the Adventurers League. You will be assigned a set time after purchasing this ticket (either 9am-11am or 11am-1pm). You will have two hours of Mike Mearls all to yourself (please do not damage or poke the Mearls with a sharp stick).