Winter Fantasy 2020 Updates and DM Registration

Evening fans of D&D, dice, rolling said dice, snow, cold, more D&D, old friends, new friends, great times, more D&D, and going home exhausted and smiling from ear to ear.

Winter Fantasy 2020 is 3 months away and things are moving at a furious pace behind the scenes. So furiously then when the Baldman goes to bed his shorter half usually rolls her eyes and says “you’re an idiot – go to bed”. We have updated the Events page, registration, show hours, and DM Registration pages. That’s right. It is October and DM Registration of Winter Fantasy is already open.

So take a look at the great stuff we already have up on our EVENTS page and stay tuned for the exciting reveals of even more cool stuff in the near future.

You want to register as a DM or HQ? DO IT!!!!!!!!!