Secret Gaming and Winter Fantasy 2020 News

The Baldman crew is always working on tons of projects throughout the year (Have I mentioned lately that Gen Con never ends? Never ever . . ever .. . ever. . ).
This week we put together a secret gaming session in the deep south for the D&D Beyond team retreat that is going on right now. The entire D&D Beyond team will be visiting Avernus and ten of our best DM’s, some costumed characters, and Mirt himself will be there for the fun. We hope to have some pictures to share soon.

On a slightly related, and a lot colder then secret deep south retreat, Winter Fantasy will be happening in wonderful money hating Fort Wayne, IN on Feb 5th to 9th next year. We will have our schedule start to go up in October/November with registration opening around Thanksgiving (+/- a week). Expect website updates soon and more info here.
What will we have this year?
How about tons (if not all) the admins, guild adepts, Wotc staff, epics, spawn of admins, snow, specials, more specials, more AO’s then I could write on a post it note of undetermined size, special guests, more snow, some cold, lots of social gatherings and sometimes choices regretted the following morning, and more. It is all the D&D you would find at the biggest of shows condensed down into an intimate gathering of your D&D brethren without insane crowds and even more insane costs.

-The Baldman