Winter Fantasy 2019 Registration Date Announced

Evening fans of D&D, snow, good friends, and more D&D,

Registraion for Winter Fantasy 43 (2019) will open on December 2nd between 6pm and 9pm EST. At some random point in that time frame we will flip the switch and you all can have at it. Once we flip the switch we will also announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Tickets for our big events will sell out extremely fast. We do this random start time as it reducdes the initial load on our server of 200+ people sitting there hitting ‘F5’ over and over again until it crashes.

Some helpful hints:

  1. You can buy a max of 2 tickets in the system to any new DDAO, Epic, or D&D eXPerience events at a time. This is to enable as many different people as possible to get a ticket to one of these high demand events. One person cannot buy the entire table.
  2. If you keep hitting F5 before registration opens you are just going to get locked out of the system for 30 minutes and miss it. DON’T DO IT!!! Registration will open exactly on time. Not only does spamming F5 prevent this from happening (as it crushes the server and Dave cannot update the registration flag to “Open”) it will eventually cause the server to mark you as a DOS attack and will lock you out. DON’T DO IT!!!
  3. Putting something in your cart does not hold it for you. You must COMPLETE checkout to guarantee you have a ticket to something. So if you want it really bad put it in the cart first and checkout. Then go back for other items. The more you try and stuff into your cart before checking out the greater the chance that somebody else is buying it out from underneath you.
  4. Our high demand events will sell out REALLY fast. Some who really want to play in them will not get to. We try to have as many tickets to the cool things as we can but demand will always vastly outstrip supply. There are still plenty of awesome things to do at the show and you never know when somebody won’t show up to that really cool thing you wanted to do and you get a seat.

The Baldman Games Staff