Winter Fantasy Registraion Opens December 3rd!!!!

The headline says it all gang. Registration for Winter Fantasy will open on Sunday – December 3rd between 6pm and 10pm EST. We will not be announcing what the exact time is. Once we have open registration we will post to our Twitter Account (@baldmangames) as well as our Facebook pages announcing that it is open. This aims to prevent what happened last year when 200 people were all on in the minutes leading up to registration opening spamming the refresh buttons on their keyboard until the registration server marked them as SPAM and locked them out. Don’t do that people.

We have updated our ‘Events‘ page with new adventures from Schwalb Entertainment (Shadow of the Demonlord and PunkApocalyptic), Paradigm (Arcanis 5E), Living Divine, and our initial schedule of Guild Adept and Author Only adventures. Check out the event listing here or the event grid over there.

We will further update the ‘Registration‘ page through the weekend with tips and tricks. A link will appear once the system is loaded and ready (aka whenever Dave earns enough brownie points from the wife to sneak away and get it all done).

Thanks and away we go!!!!