Winter Fantasy Event Updates!!!

Dave has been busy to the wee hours of the morning and we have a HUGE update for tonight’s (Dec 27th – 9PM EST) registration expansion.

We have added 3 new DDAO events to our show (which means we are offering 8 different ones at the show).

We are proud to offer:

DDAO-09 Lyceum Sepulchral – Tier 2 – Slots 3, 6, and 9
DDAO-11 Those That Came Before – Slot 8 & 10 (Tier 3 and 4 respectively)
DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid – Tier 2 – Slots 2, 5, and 8

We have also added hundreds of new tickets to the system!!! Many of these to the sold out Tier 3 and Tier 4 two-parters. Additional Epic tickets on Sunday. Additional PHLAN DDXP Tier 3 tickets as well as some remaining HULBURG DDXP Tier 2 tickets.

Please note some important details:
1 – You can buy a max of 2 tickets in the system to any new DDAO event. This will help as many different people from being able to participate. One person cannot buy the entire table.
2 – If you keep hitting F5 before registration opens (Dec 27th – 9PM EST) you are just going to get locked out of the system for 30 minutes and miss it. DON’T DO IT!!!!!
3 – Putting something in your cart does not hold it for you. You must COMPLETE checkout to guarantee you have a ticket to something. So if you want it really bad put it in the cart first and checkout. Then go back for other items.

Event Grid updated, Registration System Loaded, T-Minus 29 hours to Launch!!!

We have updated the events, and event grid page with new events.

The registration system is now fully loaded and you can view it in all its glory.

Registration for Winter Fantasy 41 opens at 9PM EST – Saturday December 16th.

Make sure to register for an account in the system before it opens to speed up the checkout process. Our most popular events will sell out in a matter of seconds. Don’t be left out.

Winter Fantasy 2017 Updates

The show is rumbling forward like a giant juggernaut of awesomeness!!!

DM Registration is now live. Head here for more information. Interested in running something new or different? Follow the link and tell me what and when and we will contact you for more information.

Interested in what our schedule is?  Click here for event information or here for the event grid itself.

Hotel Block is also open. We’ve locked in $99 a night again this year. Make sure to use the link and code (“WIN”) so the show gets credit towards all the cool things they help us do.

Thanks and as always more awesome to follow.

The Baldman


Winter Fantasy 2017 – Winter (Fantasy) is Coming!

With leaves falling off trees and everyone’s thinking of a belly full of turkey, you don’t need us to tell you that winter is just around the corner. All is not lost, however, as with winter comes Winter Fantasy!
This year’s show runs from February 1-5, 2017 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Registration opens in early-December, so keep an eye on your inbox for your opportunity to be first in line to register!

Dungeons & Dragons at Winter Fantasy

Winter Fantasy continues to grow and offer more games, and we’re proud to be the best place to play Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League content.

We cannot spoil what we have (though we are so itching to do so) but I will say we have even more awesome content then last year, unique never been seen before content, and specials out the ying-yang (a very technically gaming term).