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Winter Fantasy 2015 February 5th-8th

Grand Wayne Center - Fort Wayne, IN


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Leaves are turning and falling. The skies are gray and the rain will soon change to snow. It's another fall slowly changing into winter in the Midwest. The big summer shows are a distant memory and it seems forever before the sun will return. So what's a gamer to do? Laugh at the weather and head to Winter Fantasy 38 that's what!!

Winter Fantasy is the Midwests premiere winter convention for D&D goodness and more. We celebrate the 38th year of the show in 2014 and hope you can join us. This year we're expanding back to our roots and brining all kinds of new goodness to the show. Check out the new items below and the website. We cannot wait to see you there!!!!

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII Player Registration is Open!!!!!

1/05/2014: As the wiseman once said. "Bang a gong - get it on". Have at them gang. Our big events will sell out fast so don't wait. Buy early and buy fast.

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII announces Living Greyhawk Special Weekend!!!

1/05/2014: Before we usher in the new lets have some fun with the old. Living Greyhawk was where a lot of us got our start and had our first taste of what a shared world Living Campaign could truly be on an epic scale. Dust off those old characters and memories and lets have one last bash in Greyhawk. Castle Greyhawk and Isle of Woe will be playing all throughout the weekend with some of our judges having actually ran them the first time around ten years ago. Come join the fun and relive the memories.

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII Judge Registration is now OPEN!!!

12/06/2013: Simple and easy gang. Want to help out at the show? Get a free room, badge, swag, handshakes, or perhaps even a beer? (please see Dustin for all beer requests). Then hit the 'Judges' link above and lets make magic.

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII Events Announced!!!

12/06/2013: We’ve always prided ourselves on offering more gaming that any one person could play through in a single weekend - and this year we’re looking to put our past to shame, with over 42 individual events, spanning six different campaigns, in four different gaming systems; a total of 210 hours of gaming goodness! That’s all before we include the over 800 board games, special guests, and the additional games we’re still looking to bring along. You do NOT want to miss out this year. More.....

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII Press Release

11/19/2013: Bigger, Bader, and Balder? It’s that time of the year again gang. Winter Fantasy is on the horizon. We’ve been working hard on signing up new events and new things to do at the show. A partial list of some of our highlights is below. So take a look and mark your calendar. Judge sign-ups will be going live next week with pre-reg opening right after Thanksgiving (we will give everybody at least 48 hours notice in several places before flipping the switch to make it fair to as many as possible).

Last year we expanded the show beyond our D&D roots and this year we continue that trend. As part of that continuing change, Baldman Games is pleased to announce that they will be expanding their show offerings to include the following:

  • Living Arcanis events and premieres
  • Witch Hunter events and premiere
  • Magic: the Gathering: We are lining up our judges and scorekeepers right now but we hope to host a Super IQ event Saturday with some smaller events on Friday evening and Sunday as players warrant
  • Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator: Setup and running all weekend. If you haven’t tried out this fun and exciting teamwork game you will want to set some time aside at the show.

We will of course have all the old favorites as well:

  • Living Forgotten Realms: A core paragon trilogy, two specials, a two-round battle interactive, the 30th level Epic conclusion, and the introduction of the LFR All Access pass should keep you all happy. More big announcements on LFR event front to follow.
  • Pathfinder Society: A dozen of the newest events on the schedule will hopefully make year two of PFS at the show an even bigger success.
  • Board Games: The Gen Con Games Library will be back this year!! With over 800 board games there is without a doubt something for everyone.
  • D&D Next: Previews and brand new content as always. Come see what all the buzz is about.
  • Special Guests: We always have plenty of them wandering around the show playing and judging your favorite events.

Want to stay up to date? Visit our website (http://www.baldmangames.com) for more information, or follow us on twitter (@WinterFantasy @BaldmanGames), Facebook, and Google Plus for more news as it comes available.

Baldman Games and its volunteers have been organizing and running gaming conventions since 2001. We are fans of the games we run, and are always looking to help spread the hobby to more people, every chance we get.

Winter Fantasy XXXVIII has a new Hotel

11/19/2013: We've worked out mojo and got you, the attendee the best hotel rate we've had in years. Working with our new partner hotel, The Hilton Grand Wayne Center, we've locked in a rate of $99 a night for the entire show. This hotel is attached to the convention center so you don't even have to go outside to get to all the gaming goodness we have lined up for you. Rooms in this block will book fast and probably sell out. So book early gang.