Winter Fantasy 45 Registration is now Open!!!

Why are you even reading this!!!!

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WF Registration goes Live Tonight!!!

That’s right. Get your lists ready – registration goes live tonight between 7-9pm EST. Please review the hints/tips on the Registration page to help you navigate the mad scramble for tickets.

Update – some events, while in the right slot, seem to have wrong times listed in the blurbs. To avoid confusion this is the master list of start times base on Table #’s.

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Winter Fantasy 45 Registration goes Live Jan 21st

Winter Fantast 45 registration will go live at some point between 7pm-9pm EST (GMT -5) on Thursday – January 21st. There will not be an exact time given (reasons listed below).Please note some important details:

If you keep hitting F5 before registration opens you are just going to get locked out of the system for 30 minutes and miss it. DON’T DO IT!!! Registration will open in the time frame stated – we will make an announcement once that happens. Not only does spamming F5 prevent this from happening (as it crushes the server and Dave cannot update the registration flag to “Open”) it will eventually cause the server to mark you as a DOS attack and will lock you out. DON’T DO IT!!!

Putting something in your cart does not hold it for you...

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Winter Fantasy 2021 DM Registration

Welcome to D&D in the cloud. We’re taking what you’ve all been doing around the table for years and bringing it to the world. You’ll have a chance to train your skills, make a name for yourself, and some cash along the way. You’ve worked hard raising your DM chops to this level and now it is time to reward yourself.

Winter Fantasy, in a normal world, is our cozy little show in Fort Wayne, IN in the cold and dark winter of the Midwest. Since the mid-70’s D&D royalty new and old have made the mecca to roll dice, meet friends new and old, and to play games with their gaming brethren. This year is no different – just less driving, more gaming, and you can wear shorts without frostbite (not that frostbite is a worry for The Baldman – he is part frost giant).

Interested in h...

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Winter Fantasy 2021 goes Virtual

It’s Friday everyone!!!! The weekend is ahead and hopefully you have some physical distanced interaction with friends planned.

With that some bad news. Most probably knew it was coming but it’s official now.

There will be no in-person Winter Fantasy in February next year. With us setting new infection rate records daily, winter coming, and no vaccination plan in sight we just cannot run WF the way WF needs to be run and keep everybody safe. If we ran the show and somebody got sick or even worse took it back to an older family member who got sick it would crush me.

Now the good news to counter that. We will of course 100% be having a virtual Winter Fantasy over those same dates...

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Winter Fantasy 2020 Registration and Hotel Block Closed

The title, as usual, pretty much says it all. At this time online registration for Winter Fantasy 2020 is closed. All remaining tickets will be printed for purchase/trade onsite. We still have plenty of badges and tickets to accommodate any last second friends that want to tag alone. We will also have charity raffles onsite to upgrade your normal game ticket to an Author Only event in certain slots. More details onsite.

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Winter Fantasy 2020 Registration is now Open

The title, as usual, say it all gang. Registration for Winter Fantasy 2020 is now open. Tickets will fly fast so get those clicking fingers to work.

If you are experiencing any problems with the system please head here and drop us a line and we will work as quickly as we can to get it cleared up.

Please note – “I had a ticket in my cart and something went wrong and now it is gone and sold out” is not something we can correct. 99 out 100 times what happened is somebody else also had that ticket and checked out right before you did. Tickets are first come first serve and your email confirmation of your checkout is the deciding factor.


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Winter Fantasy Registration Goes Live Dec 4th

Hey excited fans of Winter Fantasy. We have a date and time. Registration for Winter Fantasy 44 will go live on Dec 4th between 7-9pm EST. This random start time keeps those wanting tickets from spamming the system right at start time causing crashes and errors.

We have also updated the Registration page with this information as well as activated the link that allows you to see the registration system as events are loaded and create an account if needed in the system to speed up your frenzied ticket buying on Wednesday.

We have also update the events for the special charity events being run by Mike Mearls from Wizards of the Coast. The costs are as following.

The D&D eXPerience w/ Mike Mearls – Tier 3 – MOON 14 Trilogy and Special Event (4 slots – 16 hours) – $500 – limited to ...

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Event Grid is Live for Winter Fantasy 2020

Title says it all as usual. The event grid for WF is now live. Start putting together your dream schedule today.


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Winter Fantasy 2020 Hotel Block is Open

Title pretty much says it all gang. The hotel block for WF 2020 is now live and open. If you have booked your room already call back and have them move you into the block to save some money. If you have not then click the link and get your room. Hundreds are going to fly out the door quickly and we will probably run out. So don’t dilly dally.

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