Winter Fantasy is Moving!!!! (websites)

Morning fans of D&D (or afternoon for Krishna).

We have completed our migration to a new website and registration system over at TableTop Events (TTE). You will have a much greater control over your schedule, making changes, and an actual real cart system.

The Link –

Some notes

1 – TTE has a fee that is added on per checkout but on the flip side it has a cart that holds your tickets until you checkout once at the end. So save yourself money – checkout once and not 14 times like the old system.

2 – Registration will open this Saturday at 6PM EDT.

3 – I believe you need a badge to purchase tickets (DM’s will have one shortly). Take care of that ahead of time and save yourself a headache.

4 – You can buy tickets for yoursel...

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Winter is Coming!!!! (again)

The wind has a chill as it blow leaves down the street. Flakes can be seen floating on the breeze as ice forms on your windshield in the frosty morning.

Winter Fantasy is almost upon us. The cold signals us to come home to the show we love the most. Games, fun, more games, old friends, new friends, and games!!!! It is all waiting for you this February 2nd to the 6th in the town that hates money – Fort Wayne, IN.

We’re in the process of moving registration to a new platform so we need a few more weeks to get registration open. While you wait check out the events pages for some info on what we will have at the show (9 new adventures and 3 new epics across 3 new campaigns) – get your hotel room booked in the block – and start plotting how much fun you are going to have.

Winter is C...

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Winter is coming!!!

Evening D&D fans. We are a week and a half out from Winter Fantasy 45 and just wanted to share some notes and updates.

1 – Remember you must be vaccinated to attend Winter Fantasy. This is a full initial vaccination (1 or 2 shots depending on which one you got) but the booster is not required (but appreciated). We will accept your vaccination card, a picture of the card, or your state/country approved app showing your vaccination status. You make a good faith effort to show us and we’ll make a good faith effort to take care of you. Once you have shown your proof you will get a wristband for the weekend so you will not have to continually show proof.

2 – Masks are required in the Winter Fantasy space in the Grand Wayne Convention center unless actively eating or drinking...

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WF 2022 Updates

I hope you are all keeping warm on this snowy weekend in the Midwest/NE.

Some updates. Winter Fantasy is chugging right ahead and we are excited to see everybody in three weeks.

1 – Registration is still open. Get those tickets as there are still exciting events left.

2 – Remember – Proof of vaccination is required. Boosters are not required (but appreciated if you have them). Masks will also be required in our event area in the Grand Wayne Center.


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Winter Fantasy 46 (2022) is Upon Us!!!

It is time to come home

Two years ago we all left Winter Fantasy 44 with our normal hugs, fist bumps, and saying “We will see you all soon again my friends”. Then it happened. The thing that shall not be mentioned. We were scattered to the corners of this spinning ball of dirt. Our friends so far away, our dice longing to be rolled, and our storage of hugs reaching critical mass wanting to get back out.

It is time to come home.

Winter Fantasy 46 will happen from Feb 2nd to Feb 6th in wonderful cold and snowy downtown Fort Wayne (the city that hates money). We will be in person again for the first time in to long and it feels good. We will be safe though in these changing times. Winter Fantasy will be a 100% vaccinated show...

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Winter Fantasy 45 Registration is now Open!!!

Why are you even reading this!!!!

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WF Registration goes Live Tonight!!!

That’s right. Get your lists ready – registration goes live tonight between 7-9pm EST. Please review the hints/tips on the Registration page to help you navigate the mad scramble for tickets.

Update – some events, while in the right slot, seem to have wrong times listed in the blurbs. To avoid confusion this is the master list of start times base on Table #’s.

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Winter Fantasy 45 Registration goes Live Jan 21st

Winter Fantast 45 registration will go live at some point between 7pm-9pm EST (GMT -5) on Thursday – January 21st. There will not be an exact time given (reasons listed below).Please note some important details:

If you keep hitting F5 before registration opens you are just going to get locked out of the system for 30 minutes and miss it. DON’T DO IT!!! Registration will open in the time frame stated – we will make an announcement once that happens. Not only does spamming F5 prevent this from happening (as it crushes the server and Dave cannot update the registration flag to “Open”) it will eventually cause the server to mark you as a DOS attack and will lock you out. DON’T DO IT!!!

Putting something in your cart does not hold it for you...

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Winter Fantasy 2021 DM Registration

Welcome to D&D in the cloud. We’re taking what you’ve all been doing around the table for years and bringing it to the world. You’ll have a chance to train your skills, make a name for yourself, and some cash along the way. You’ve worked hard raising your DM chops to this level and now it is time to reward yourself.

Winter Fantasy, in a normal world, is our cozy little show in Fort Wayne, IN in the cold and dark winter of the Midwest. Since the mid-70’s D&D royalty new and old have made the mecca to roll dice, meet friends new and old, and to play games with their gaming brethren. This year is no different – just less driving, more gaming, and you can wear shorts without frostbite (not that frostbite is a worry for The Baldman – he is part frost giant).

Interested in h...

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Winter Fantasy 2021 goes Virtual

It’s Friday everyone!!!! The weekend is ahead and hopefully you have some physical distanced interaction with friends planned.

With that some bad news. Most probably knew it was coming but it’s official now.

There will be no in-person Winter Fantasy in February next year. With us setting new infection rate records daily, winter coming, and no vaccination plan in sight we just cannot run WF the way WF needs to be run and keep everybody safe. If we ran the show and somebody got sick or even worse took it back to an older family member who got sick it would crush me.

Now the good news to counter that. We will of course 100% be having a virtual Winter Fantasy over those same dates...

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